10 Steps to Unpacking

Let’s just admit it. There are more than a “few” of us that having been living in our homes for months or even a year and are STILL not unpacked yet. This could be due to a few factors. Maybe you love to pack but hate to unpack, or maybe you stink at packing therefore unpacking is sure to be a nightmare.

For those of you that are the latter, remember Peggy Hughes Associates in the future. Whatever the case may be, the current fact remains that you’re still in a semi nomadic state although your neighbors already know you by name. That ends today.

Following are 10 steps to unpacking:

1) First things first. Make sure you have in hand, a copy of the inventory list. Don’t have one? Next time you move,  contact PHA. Secondly, if you’ve been living in your house closer to a few months than a few hours, hopefully you’ve progressed to at least STEP 5. If not, you’ve got bigger things to worry about.

2) Next, unpack the essentials box. This is ideally one of the first boxes off the truck because it was the last one loaded on. Why? Because it is the box of things you need to live day by day.

3) Once you have the stuff you need to get through the first few days from your essentials box, it’s a good idea to start on the kitchen. If you have the time, it’s a good idea to line the cupboards first. If you don’t have time, unpack only what you need, including pots and pans. Get all the major appliances hooked up and ready as well as the smaller necessities like the coffee pot!

4) Put the beds together and unpack the linens. If you just moved in today, you now have a place to sleep. If you’ve been living in your new home awhile and have not reached this step, then THANK GOD you found this blog today! You’re in dire need!

5) Now, unpack the bathroom. Unpack the most important things that you will need right away such as your shower curtain and towels.

6) Make a plan to arrange furniture in your bedrooms, living room and dining room. Then, and only then, put your furniture together, so that you only have to do it once.

7)Have each family member unpack their own bedroom. Remember to only do this once furniture has been placed as well as closet organization.

8) One of the last areas to unpack is the garage. Since most garage kept belongings are not immediately essential, it’s a good idea to get a garage organizational system in place first.

9) The patio and yard can be unpacked at your leisure. However, if you’re moving in the summer, you may want to unpack the bbq and patio furniture right away so that you can do simple meals with little clean up required.

10) Hang up pictures and make the place “your own”. This can also be done at your leisure but it’s a good idea to purposefully set aside a couple of hours each weekend especially for this task so that you can begin to enjoy your home immediately.

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