6 Tips for Small Spaces

6 Tips for Organizing a Small Space When Moving

Organizing and staging a home is easiest to do when you move into a new space. You may take your time and figure out where furniture and items best fit or are best displayed. But if you have small spaces or small rooms and furniture that wasn’t originally designed for the space, it may be difficult and confusing to know where to start. Here are six simple tips for organizing a small space when you relocate or move.

  • Make your furniture work double-time.

Use simple pieces, bookshelves and furniture, for more than one use. A desk could be an extra table or buffet sidebar, baskets and bins can hold files as well as kitchen appliances or produce, and couches and oversize loveseats can be used as bedrooms or choose a sofa that’s also a pullout bed for guests and extra space yet it alleviates the necessity for an extra guest room.

  • Find hidden storage compartments.

Use window seating as extra spaces at the dining room table or find a table that has drawers and shelving underneath to keep linens, appliances and pillows.

  • Find space in unlikely places.

If you have a small room, use bookshelves that reach to the ceiling, or leave space for storage baskets and decorative boxes at the top of bookshelves and cabinets. Find bookshelves that house everything you would need for one wall including a television, a possible combination desk, media center and library all in one. Use pockets under the stairs for at closet space and open spaces and hallways for additional bookshelves.

  • Repurpose children’s furniture.

You can spend a lot of money on furniture that’s just designed and decorated for children. This can cost a lot of money and take up a lot of space once the child no longer finds the design appealing. Using furniture for multiple uses all through a child’s adolescence and then repurpose it in the home as a desk, table, or nightstand in the future keeps costs low and clutter at bay.

  • Use furniture that compacts into itself.

Nesting tables, trunks, and coffee tables that house Ottomans all provide the extra seating or space when needed but can be easily tucked away for later.

  • Use small rooms and small spaces to create an additional living alcove.

If you have an unused kitchen nook, deck area, sun porch, or corner of the bedroom, use it to create a new ambiance and space to provide less clutter for the furniture in other rooms.

For more tips or to receive information about moving and organizing, feel free to contact me anytime.

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