Closet Organizing – Sort & Purge

Closet Organizing – Sort & Purge

A few weeks ago PHA was working with a client who asked us if we install closet systems…  And, we do…. But, before we could get started, we needed to sort and purge as the first step in the process.

Master Closet

By sorting like things together first, you are able to visualize exactly how many articles of clothing you have by color, style and size.  This makes the purging process much quicker.  In a separate pile we place items that are stained, ripped, or frayed.  We then work with the client to make decisions about what to keep and what to dispose of.

Items designated for donations are taken to their destination that same day. Items that need cleaning or fixing are placed in a bag by the front door for the homeowner to deliver. Then we count the number of items left (how may shirts, pants, coats, etc., including items going to the dry cleaners) so we know how many new hangers of each type to purchase.

Measurements of the closet(s) to be installed are then taken.  PHA likes to shop at the Container Store for their Elfa System – before I go into the store, I go online, input the dimensions and design the system based on the needs of the client. Because there were only two long bathrobes, the homeowner and I decided to forgo long hanging space as the robes would go on hooks in the bathroom. This gave us more room for double hanging rods.
Master Closet floor

In this instance, for the Master Bedroom closet, we needed drawer space and a great deal of shoe storage. In the guest room, we needed regular storage and some overflow for shoe storage.

The next step was to pack all items for storage while water damage repairs took place.

Stay tuned for the next installment where you will see the closet designs presented to the homeowner for their approval…

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