Designing a Closet to Fit Your Needs

Designing a Closet to Fit Your Needs

Designing a closet system to fit your individual needs helps you keep your clothing/shoes organized.  Everything has a place to go and so it’s easier to maintain.

closetdesign1In my last post we talked about the purging process… today we’re going to talk about the designing process.

In this particular instance, for the Master Bedroom closet, we needed drawer space and a great deal of shoe storage.  While in the guest bedroom, we needed short hanging space and shelves for regular storage and some overflow of shoes. At, you can input the measurements of your closet, choose the kind and type of shelving and accessories you need.  You also receive a complete product list and installation instructions.

Here is the design we proposed to the client for his Master Bedroom… for the guest bedroom, a similar design minus the drawers and shorter hanging poles were stipulated.

And, the finished master closet now looks like this:


Good luck with your closet organizing project!  If you hire PHA to reorganize your closet, mention this blog and you will receive a 10% discount on labor!!
Happy Organizing… and, don’t forget – A HAPPY MOVE IS AN ORGANIZED MOVE!

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