Downsizing Your Kitchen

Downsizing Your Kitchen

Whether you’re experiencing an “empty nest” and ready to move with your significant other into a smaller place, or whether you’re entering college and the charming qualities of a kitchenette, or  whether you simply just bought a new house with a smaller kitchen than you’re used to, downsizing your current kitchen has just become an evil necessity.

However, don’t fret. The task can be daunting but certainly not impossible. You can most definitely move into a smaller space and still have everything you need to cook, bake and be merry. The steps are simple; sort and store.


– Decipher what you truly need. Take your mugs and coffee cups for example. You may have a pretty matching set of eight, four to six giant, chunky, comfort mugs, plus souvenir mugs and mugs that have been gifted to you. Seriously. Do you see yourself serving coffee to 45 people at any one time? Purge the excess.

-Do the unthinkable. Break up sets. Who cares if you only keep half of your dinner ware set? You could donate the other half to someone else living with a small kitchen! Do you have twelve tumblers? Let six go. Never use the cups that come with the plates and bowls? Get rid of them.


-Keep only one way to cook something. Hot dogs can be cooked in many ways: boiled, fried, microwaved, on the George Foreman or on a stick in a fire, so you don’t really need a hot dog cooker. You also don’t need two different kinds of coffee makers or three different kinds of skillets.

-Check yourself before you wreck yourself. When deciding to get rid of something, ask yourself what you’d use instead if you didn’t have it. If you can’t think of what you’d do, keep it. Otherwise, toss it.

-Keep only one. If you have duplicates like many people do, pare ’em down. Keep only one strainer, one set of measuring cups, one knife block…etc.


-Make good use of space by using plate stackers to make use of ALL vertical space in your cupboards.

-Also use turntables or lazy susans to compact things into cupboards while still maintaining easy access. This is ideal for canned goods and spices.

-Use the inside of cabinet doors. Hang hooks inside the door to store measuring cups, spoons or pot lids….anything with a loop or hole for hanging.

-Use step ladders. In a small kitchen you need to utilize every bit of space; which means storing things above the cabinets. Store your step ladder between the fridge and the wall.

-Use the laundry or utility room. If it’s big enough, set up a shelving unit for extra pantry space. If it’s just a tiny closet adjacent to the kitchen, at least hang your aprons and odd stuff on the wall just inside. image by User:Gnangarra

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