Frequently Asked Questions for PHA/Peggy Hughes Associates – Professional Moving Organizers

Our most frequently asked questions about moving, with answers…


No, PHA is a member in good standing with NAPO, the National Association of Professional Organizers. PHA has helped many clients with their own specific organizing projects – ranging from filing systems for their financial records, clearing out a basement to install a guest bedroom, to reorganizing a garage for more storage space.
Yes, in addition to the organizing services provided by the principal of PHA, PHA partners with other organizers and independent professionals to provide the services necessary to fulfill the scope of your project.
Every situation is different as client’s have different needs. One homeowner’s 3bed/3bath home may be sparsely furnished, while another may have more than enough furnishings for a 4/bedroom home. So, it is very difficult to publish costs when there are so many variables. However, PHA does provide a FREE estimate to determine the projected costs for your individual situation.
PHA understands that cost is always a consideration. During the initial walkthrough, PHA is happy to discuss with you what can be accomplished for your budgetary needs.
Yes, PHA does have a 2-hour minimum charge for organizing. However, the scope of your project may be small or large. The only way to accurately determine the cost of your project is to physically view it.
PHA will gladly provide general information during a telephone conversation, however, the only way to get an accurate price is to request a FREE estimate.