How to Start Organizing Your Kitchen

How to Start Organizing Your Kitchen

How much is too much? Many of us accumulate things but do not get rid of items the new purchase is replacing.  Or, somebody gives the latest gadget that is more on “looking cool” than functional.

When it comes to clothes, someone once said that if you haven’t worn it in a year – get rid of it. Let’s try this approach in the kitchen.  If you haven’t used an item in two years – you probably won’t use it… EVER.

Step 1 of kitchen organization – Purge, Purge & then Purge Again!

We all hear this charge, but, do we follow through?  I know that it is much easier to purge when you are going through the moving process, but, we simply must take the time to purge our kitchens of items we no longer use.  These items are taking up way too much valuable real estate in our cabinets. Space that could be used for items we need daily.

How many duplicates of items do you have? – How many sets of dishes? How many glasses that are not part of a set?  And, mugs – mugs – and more mugs.  I own six mugs that I use regularly.  They don’t match, but they do coordinate  . I think mugs are the worst creator of clutter in kitchen cabinets (half empty cereal boxes are another culprit).

What about other kitchen tools? How many whisks, can openers, colanders,  wooden spoons, broken knives, measuring cups and spoons and bent silverware do you really need?  Seriously, let’s let others who really need your duplicate items have them – donate to your favorite charity and feel good about yourself.  Don’t forget to recycle items that no longer work.

If you think you’ve purged enough, and still have clutter in your cabinets, Think up, not flat.  If you have wall space, purchase a grid and hang things up!  Gadgets are easy to see.  And by using them regularly, they tend to stay pretty clean.
If you’re having trouble getting started… set up an alarm clock for 15 minutes… after all, anyone can do anything for 15 minutes!  And, if you’re still having trouble, call PHA – we’d love to help you out!!

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