May is National Moving Month – Let’s Get Packing!

May is National Moving Month – Let’s Get Packing!

long-moving-truck   It’s National Moving Month and this moving organizing firm wants you to have the best move EVER!  We want to reduce the stress of moving as much as we can.

To begin, let’s talk about what constitutes “Important Papers”.  We all hear this term, yet, do we know what it actually means?  Here are just some of the documents that fit  the important paper category:

   Birth Certificates, Passports, Marriage licenses, Divorce Decrees, Mortgage Papers, Deeds of Trust, Medical Records and X-rays, information pertaining to bank    accounts, wills and pertinent passwords for online accounts.

   Whew – that’s a lot of paper. To minimize stress, put these documents in a brief case and keep them in your possession at all times.  Because you know where these  documents are, you won’t worry they will get packed accidentally and you will always have immediate access to them.

And, don’t forget to start the entire moving process early… almost everyone has more stuff than they think they do.  By taking the time to declutter before a move, you’ll save time and money by not moving items you no longer need.

Best way to experience a really stress-free move?  Hire a professional moving organizer to manage the process for you!

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