Moving Yourself and You Have Questions about Packing?

Moving Yourself and You Have Questions about Packing?

Are you a DIYer and want to pack your own moving boxes?  Here are some tips for packing those boxes efficiently. And, for those who are concerned about the environment, watch for another post on the new “moving crates” that are coming into vogue!

moving-boxesThere is a rhyme and reason to pack a box correctly so you don’t break or damage things.  We all know this, yet, many of us don’t know the tricks or tools of the trade. So, here are some of my tips. BTW, it pains me to watch TV programs that show people packing items in wrong-sized boxes, without proper packing materials….wish they would do a little research so people could learn how to do it the right way!

Also, before we begin, always locate your important documents and jewelry (like birth certificates, copies of insurance information, wills, deeds or trusts and passports, etc.) and keep them with you so you know where they are at all times.

Let’s talk BOXES!  Two different sized boxes that are stronger than other boxes are referred to as:  Dish Pack and Book boxes.  They are double walled corrugated boxes designed to handle the weight and fragility of your dishware, stemware, collectibles and books.  And, please purchase boxes that are made with post-consumer recycled materials.

Other items you’ll need to properly pack a box are:


  1. Unprinted newspaper.
  2. Plenty of packing tape.
  3. Bubble wrap for fragile items.
  4. Black markers.
  5. Ziploc bags in various sizes



  • Using boxes of uniform size allows you to very efficiently pack a moving truck!  Don’t forget to securely tape the bottoms and tops of your boxes.  And, make sure you fill boxes to the top so they can stack on top of each other.  Boxes should be packed tight so that the contents do not move.
  • Books should be packed in book boxes standing up as they do on a shelf. Start with larger books first and graduate down to smaller books.  Never put hardcover books on their backs as you deteriorate the spine!  Fill in the box (where the smaller books are) with soft, lightweight items like stuffed animals, or small pillows, or even crumpled unprinted newspaper.
  • Glassware can be packed in either a book box or a dish pack.  Wrap the individual item in bubble first and then wrap again in newsprint.  But, there are some rules
  1. When loading a dish pack – place two layers of crumpled newsprint on the bottom, then place your larger items first (like tall vases, pitchers, etc.) then place another layer of crumpled newsprint. Now add your next layer of glassware. Finish with another layer of crumpled newsprint before closing box.
  2. For really fragile china and glassware, use a series of book boxes. Again, layer crumpled newsprint on the bottom, bubble plate or glass, double wrap item with newsprint and place in the box.  Dishes always stand on their edge -never flat.  Same with glasses, up & down, never flat.  Then, place two book boxes inside a dish pack for excellent protection.  There will be open space on the sides of the dish pack. This is a great place to pack cutting boards, cookie sheets, roasting pans, etc.
  • Food and pantry items – if they’re glass jars or canned goods, pack in a book box. If they’re packaged cereals, pasta, rice, etc., you can pack them in a medium size box. Don’t be afraid to use Ziploc bags for open containers!
  • Toiletries, if they’re open, should be placed in a ziploc bag. I use the large ones for shampoo, conditioner, etc.; medium bags for liquid soaps, bar soaps, etc. and small ones for children’s medicines, toothpaste & brushes… you get the idea. These, too, get packed in book boxes.
  • Clothing – most clothes can stay in their dresser drawers.  However, if you need to pack them, use a medium size box and label accordingly.  I always place a clean piece of newsprint on the bottom and then in between his and her items if they are being packed within the same box.

For the past twelve years, this moving organizer has packed or unpacked well over 10,000 boxes…. I am happy to answer any of your questions on how to pack specialty items… I think I’ve seen it all so, please, don’t hesitate to call!!

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