Mud Room Organization

How to organize a Mud Room

These days mudrooms are all the rage. Traditionally, it’s been a place to kick off and store your muddy boots and rain coat in cooler climates. However, these days, it’s simply a drop zone  as you enter or “pick up place/grab and go” as you depart. Modern homes are being fit with mudrooms as a standard feature. However, if you should find yourself without one, today is the day you learn how to create, stage and organize your very own!

It’s all about having a space to hang coats, and store shoes, gloves, keys and bags. Possible mudroom spaces could include: an armoire, a closet, an entry wall, a laundry room, a foyer, a corner, a garage. Things you will need to organize and stage the space include: baskets, hooks and similar items, bench, cubbies, dedicated space close to the floor, a chalk board or white board or even a bulletin board for memo space, and a place for your keys and cell phones. Remember to use your imaginations, make it your style and functional for YOU.

Use baskets for storing pet supplies, gloves and hats. Hang keys on hooks and make sure to keep copies of all household keys here so that they’re available when a family member needs one. Following are some “mudroom space” combinations for the person without a dedicated mudroom.


1) The bench, baskets and coat rack combo. The simplest form of mudroom that can be placed in almost any location (i.e. hallway, corner by front door etc.) is a bench to sit on when donning or removing shoes, baskets underneath the bench for storage and coat rack above for coats, bags and keys. You could even add a shelf to set cell phones and sunglasses on.

2) Armoire turned drop zone and command center. Many people are loving the  idea of repurposing, such as, in this case, an armoire. This is an idea that is also easily placed in almost any suitable location including a corner of the kitchen by the back door or laundry room. Use the drawers to store hats, gloves and keys, the top surface to hold cell phones and purses, then add hooks to the armoire for hanging coats. Underneath the armoire you can slip in a shoe rack or just line up shoes on the floor. Additionally, you could always place a chair next to the armoire for sitting on while you pull up your boots or tie your shoes.

3) Revamped coat closet. Another great idea which is being seen increasingly on Pinterest is revamped closet space. Almost every home has a coat closet near the front door and a great functional use of the space is to remove the door, add a bench and baskets, and hang hooks.  This creates a visually interesting and functionally purposeful place to store shoes, coats and all that is needed for heading out or coming home.

With Fall on the way, kids back to school and schedules becoming tight, it’s so important to have a well functioning and organized mud room space. For more information on staging and organizing, visit our blog. image by

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