Organizing for Taxes

Organizing for Taxes

Ms. Clutter Queen

Hey PHA, I started a small business from my home last year and have a HUGE box of receipts.  My tax guru wants my numbers by the middle of March….YIKES!!  Where do I begin?   Thanks, Clutter Queen

Dear Clutter Queen,

DON’T PANIC!  Take a deep breath and let’s break this seemingly daunting task down step by step.

First, take that box and start sorting and organizing those receipts into piles…. One for auto expenses, tolls, repairs, fuel etc. Another pile for supplies… keep office supplies separate; payments to vendors will be in another pile; and, yet, another pile each for entertainment, payroll, utilities (phones, cell phones, internet access, gas, electric, heating….)… you get the idea… Just be sure to ask your tax guru what categories he/she wants and sort into those categories.

Now, find a young family member or college student who needs some extra $$$ and have them enter the data into a simple spreadsheet using the categories you need.  In no time flat, you’ll have all the totals, by category that you need to get your taxes done!

CQ… if the task still seems too daunting, give me a call.  We here at PHA have resources throughout the United States and Canada for organizers that we can refer to you… and don’t forget,  PHA is running a special through February 14th… mention this blog post and you can receive 10% off a four-hour organizing session!

Hope to hear from you soon… PHA
Happy Financial Organizing!!

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