Organizing your Holiday Decor

Organizing your Holiday Decor

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas! AH! Are you beginning to see jack-o-lanterns, harvest baskets and Christmas ornaments spinning around your head? Honestly, even the most organized of individuals can feel lost in a sea of their own holiday decor. Whether you’re packing and moving or just looking for a way to make spicing up your home for the holidays a less daunting task, here’s some easy steps to tackle your seasonal decorations and take decking the halls from “Holiday Horror” to a “Holly Jolly” experience.


First, CUT THE CLUTTER. Don’t buy anything new. Use what you already have and if you need more filler, consider foliage from your own back yard or some ribbon from the dollar store. Also, review your inventory, if it never gets put up, doesn’t work  or doesn’t light up, toss it.

ONE MAN’S GARBAGE IS ANOTHER MAN’S TREASURE. Therefore, consider donating unwanted ribbon and wrapping paper to the local elementary school for crafts. Ornaments and outdoor displays can be donated to a local charity. If you have collectibles, like Hallmark Ornaments, sell them on Ebay or Craigslist.

Then, CHOOSE THE STORAGE THAT WORKS FOR YOU. There are so many options out there with varying sizes, colors, shapes and materials. So, think about where you’ll be storing your decor. In the garage or shed? Use plastic to keep things dry. In the attic or under your bed? Use whatever you wish!

Keep your containers the same size and consider color. Bigger is not always better. You may think bigger is good because it will hold more stuff but bigger also means that things can be more clumsily organized within the container. Also, consider giving each holiday their own color container. How about orange for Halloween and red for Christmas? It’s up to you. The object is to be able to locate which holiday you want to decorate for quickly.

Also consider choosing storage containers that are available for purchase  year round. Resist the urge to buy the novelty ones sold only at specific holidays. This will keep all your storage bins uniform in size and shape. Additionally, should you need one more after the season is over and they’re not sold anymore, no problem! You picked ones sold year round!

Next, LABEL CLEARLY. Label your bins either by season (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) or holiday (Halloween, Christmas etc..) Do whatever works for  you.

Finally, take time to wrap things back up NICE AND NEAT. I think we can all agree it’s no fun pulling out a tangled string of ribbon or Christmas lights! Chances are you’ll just throw them out and buy more anyway. Save your money for stocking stuffers and make sure you store cords, ribbons and lights neatly wrapped. Use garbage bag ties to keep them secure and from coming undone.

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