Organizing Your Kitchen – Step 2

Organizing Your Kitchen – Step 2

Divide Your Drawers!

Step 2 of kitchen organization – Divide your drawers so you can see what items you have, retrieve what you need easily, and have a space for everything to be in its place. Of course, purging of items we don’t use has already taken place!!

So often people begin to prepare a meal and lose an extra 10-15 minutes a day looking for a cooking utensil. Do this day after day and it’s no wonder that many decide it’s easier to call for take-out!  But, if you spend some time organizing your kitchen, a healthy, home-made meal can be created in a snap.

What utensils do you use most often? – Those are the utensils that should be in a jar as close to your stove as possible…. I regularly use wooden spoons, tongs and a skimmer.  I have a really tiny kitchen (did I mention tiny?) so my tools are opposite my stove – but, I just need to turn around to reach any of those items!! For those of you lucky to have larger kitchens, keep the utensil jar sitting adjacent to the stove.

What about other kitchen tools? I use drawer organizers to keep them separated, easy to reach and very easy to see.

When organizing kitchens, it’s important to put like things together… so, if you are connoisseur of wine – make sure your wine opener, cork stoppers and aerators are all together.  Bakers should have their measuring cups, spoons, egg separators, flour sifters, etc. all in the same spot.

The same rule applies to pots and pans – Baking sheets, cupcake tins, cake rounds, etc. should live together – getting some dividers from your favorite home improvement or organizing store will help you divide and separate. Instead of lying flat, they will be standing and much easier to pull out.  Don’t forget to keep frying pans separate from stock pots and sauce pans.

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