Streamlining Your Space

Streamlining Your Space

In this land of plenty, when is enough enough? Do you possess your things or do they possess you? Does your space say, “Wow! Look at this great stuff!” or “Whoa! That’s a lot of stuff!” Well, I’m hoping you possess your things and they make a great statement about you that makes those who enter your space say WOW, but if they’re beginning to possess you and give you and others and impression of WHOA, fear not. Here’s some tips to streamline your space and therefore your life.

1) Always start with the de-clutter. Stop buying more for a moment and seriously consider what you already have and can photodune-2789044-sofa-nature-xsprobably live without. Does an item reflect you or help you in any way? If not, then, toss it out or donate it…it’s doing nothing for you. Bonus to de-cluttering and organizing? You OFTEN FIND stuff you forgot or didn’t even know you had…even gift cards and cash from birthdays and Christmases gone by! Now, aren’t you glad you didn’t go shopping FIRST?

2) Create more space. Can you get rid of larger items too? Do you ever use that giant coffee table for actual coffee or does it serve as a catchall for mail and school papers? What about the clothes in the closet? Have you really worn all of that in the last year? Why not create more storage space AND make it easier to find an outfit in the morning?

3) Re -in vent your existing space. Time to get creative! How can you use what you already own to make your space reflect you AND become more functional? Try re arranging your furniture or your art and photos in fun and unique ways that make traffic and eye flow work more easily and get rid of knick knacks that function more to collect dust than they do making you truly happy. One gal got rid of a lot of stuff on her book shelf that she never dusted because she didn’t care, and replaced them with her husband’s vintage camera collection. Now, she dusts them once a week because she cares about them and it’s an excuse to look at them because they make her happy. See the difference?

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