Valuable Tips to Staging a Home

Valuable Tips to Staging a Home

Whether you’re listing your home or simply setting it up after a move for relocation, having a properly staged is coming to the mind and eases stress when everything has a place and there’s a place for everything.

PHA wants to offer tips and suggestions to staging your home:

  • If you’re staging to list the home, it’s best to pack at least half of the items away indoors, closets, and cabinetry. If you have to pack it anyway, now is a good time and it shows buyers there’s plenty of extra space.
  • Visit container stores or storable’s for individual and specific containers for shoes, seasonal clothing, kitchen appliances and items, closet organizers and baskets. Labels are a great way to keep everything in its place especially with children in the home.
  • When it comes to home decor, keep items in groups of three. This brings completion to the eye and a calming to the soul. For instance: a table with a lamp, a book, and a small vase completes the set and looks appealing without being cluttered.
  • Keep colors neutral and warm. Beige and tans with white or wood trim appeal to most buyers and neutral decor that is not gender specific especially when it comes to bedding and drapes can appeal to a majority of buyers.

PHA specializes in helping buyers relocate, stage, and organize not only their home but their lifestyle. Give us a call for a free quote or to learn more about our services.

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